Am I back?

Took a drink in August 2014 after five months of sobriety telling myself it was only going to be the one. Fast forward to almost two years later and I’m drinking more than I ever had in the past. Today I come back to this abandoned blog, I guess to look for some answers. Am I back? Will I try again? Do I want to be sober? What am I so afraid of? Why do I keep failing? I just don’t know. All I do know is that although, I am a female, alcohol has me by the fucking balls and won’t let go. Maybe I’ll try again.


Fourth of July-My Freedom Feels Compromised

Ah, it has been almost FOUR fabulous months since I last took a drink. Things have been going swimmingly, so much so I have not felt the need to come back here to my sobriety blogs. As much as I do enjoy the sobriety blogs I read here and I appreciate greatly how much they had helped me in the beginning weeks of my sober venture, I have not felt compelled to come back here. I guess I thought I did not need to come here anymore. I did not feel I was cured, lord knows I am not the dense and I do know one is never truly cured from alcoholism. I just felt I did not have to think about alcohol anymore. Out of site, out of mind.

That is until today. I feel like crying I want to drink SO BAD today. I woke up wanting to drink. I want booze today. I want Wine, Beer, Margaritas, vodka martini’s. I am thinking what a lucky lady I once was to be able to indulge as much I ever wanted to! I’m thinking I can just hole myself in my house and no one would ever know! I just want to drink so bad today and I am so upset that I feel this way.

There is the celebration of the fourth of July in the air. I cancelled a work event I was scheduled to attend because of what I feel today. There are pool parties, BBQ, the squeal of early fireworks going off around the neighborhood. I know this feeling will pass, I just hope it will be soon 😦

Now This is MY Kinda Martini!

However low I was yesterday, today I wake so grateful I chose not to drink and am not hungover and depressed. Have a bit of a headache though, I am eating way too much sugar. I have let it run rampant because well I have just quit drinking after over 20 some years so what’s a little sugar right? I have read this is a common issue in other sobriety blogs as well. Not liking how it makes me feel not so great the next morning. So I will slowly start to ween off the sugar.
Although I am a day late I started the Oprah & Deepak 21 Meditation this morning. Feeling rather centered and a bit blissful and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Things will be okay. Also drinking some Chocolate Raspberry Torte coffee with almond milk. (no sugar and it’s fantastic!)

Escape from Alcohol or Myself?

It has been over 5 weeks of sobriety for me now. There were some very big highs and this week some very low lows. I cannot express enough how much I actually do not miss the booze itself, it’s almost alarming how that is not even the issue, so far anyway. It’s almost as if I am not an alcoholic at all, but just very bad at life. I’m a mess again, sort of. Me and my boyfriend of 4 years seem to have bit the bullet. We said some pretty ugly stuff to one another, stuff that cannot be taken back. He was buzzing/drinking and I was sober. My anger, it seems still has quite a hold of me. He told me I suck drunk and sober. That sucked.

I suppose I should be very grateful that I was not drunk during this fight. I would have left his apartment to catch a cab or a bus intoxicated (which I have done SO many times), I do not own my own car because I have two DUIs and have lost my license to drive, it has been several years now that I have not driven a car. I did not trust myself all these years to risk getting my license back and receiving a third DUI just to be carted off to prison for 3 to 5 years. Did I just write a paragraph earlier that “it’s almost as if I am not an alcoholic at all.” ? Ha! ooooh the booze has a sneaky sneaky way of manipulating.

But since I have not been drinking or even miss drinking I am sad to see that my life is kinda shitty. I’ll be 40 soon and I am alone. AGAIN. No husband, no children… no car. I feel like a HUGE loser. Wait, am I having a pity party for myself? I must be. After all these years of drinking I have a lot of cleaning up to do. I guess I cannot expect that once I finally did give it up all would be rosy. I guess I knew deep down that once I quit there would be trouble in “paradise” for my boyfriend and I. I am an awful drunk, but I have no tolerance for when other people who I love drink. Practically everyone I know is a shitty mean drunk, very few are fun and light. Does my intolerance make me a hypocrite? My mom says that what I need to do now is find a sober life. I have never had a sober life. I don’t have any sober chums. The people that I do know that are sober I have kept at a distant because I feel like such a weirdo around them. I am extremely antisocial but yearn for companionship at the same time. I feel so awkward around people at times that I cannot wait to get home and be alone. Then I am so lonely I think I’d die if it weren’t for my dog’s company. No wonder the boyfriend was so frustrated. He is no saint, but I have to admit I am so much work. So many issues, darkness, anger, confusion. I’m sick of myself too.

I need to remember that it is one day at a time. When I am feeling good and hopeful I feel like I am just sprouting my new self. Still just a little patch of green and I need all the tenderness and care I can muster. I have many beautiful people helping and encouraging this journey, I just can’t help feeling sad for the ones that can’t or do not want to accompany me.



Although it took me a year after watching this movie to finally quit drinking, this movie struck a chord with me. Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s portrayal of a young alcoholic woman is spot on. It reminded me of  myself  in my 20’s and  early 30’s. I always seemed to pick men that were also alcoholics, I realize now that was no accident. I would get mad at them and feel betrayed  when I felt I was ready to get my act together and they weren’t. I believed they did not love me because they would not quit with me. I never wanted to be alone, so the drinking continued. I guess I was waiting for someone to save me. I know now, no one can save you, but people can definitely help you. This movie helped to open my eyes to a life I was wasting.


3 1/2 weeks ya’ll! I am so happy I have made this decision and it looks like I’ll be sticking to it!


Jeeze, this has been the longest two weeks! Soooo many emotions, discoveries, tears and smiles.  My mom is checking up on me daily, being supportive, but I know she is nervous for me. My dad just called to say he was proud of me, VERY proud of me. Happy tears streamed down my face. I was beaming after we hung up. I bought my parents a Keurig coffee maker with some of the money I have saved from not drinking. They were over joyed. This IS worth it. This IS so worth it. Living sober can be like finding that diamond in the rough, but once you find it it shines so bright. Getting shit faced is not worth my diamond. Thank you for this blog and fellow bloggers, so blessed to have found this.